Some time ago I decided to try my hand at making Beef Jerky. I first attempted this in the oven and was a dismal failure, my failing came about when I forgot to convert 150 degrees fahrenheit into 65 degrees celcius.

The Jerky came out crisper than winters morning. I tried it though and found that it was quite tasty.

I can do this I though, and with renewed enthusiasm I purchased a ( made in the U.S of A ) dehydrator. The brand is an Excalabur.
A few tips ......

* Base ingredients for the marinade are usually Soy Sauce and Worcestershire Sauce and sometimes liquid smoke.
( do not use liquid smoke on it's own as a marinade .... It doesn't taste very good )

* Ingredients to make a hot jerky are:-
Tobasco Sauce, Crushed chilli's, Chilli pepper, Black Pepper. Cayenne Pepper.

*Ingredients to make a mild jerky are:-
Red Wine, Honey, Onion powder, Garlic ( crushed or powder ) , Brown Sugar. Dry Sherry, Sesame Oil.


* I usually pepper grind and salt grind onto the meat once it goes onto the rack.

* Pepper can give it quite a hot taste... So be careful.

* For meat slices around 8mm thick I set the machine to 65 Degrees over 9 hours.

* For meat cut to around 6mm thick I would set the machine to 65 Degrees over about 6 hours.

For beef jerky recipies you could try here: Beef
These are not my recipies ... But have tried them.
Nice Honey taste with a kick at the end from the pepper. Hold off on the pepper and it would be good for the kids.
The Soy and Worsesterhsire sauce stand out with a hot after taste ... Pretty good to share with the guys.
A mild jerky with the nice taste of wine
Before putting meat on the racks, pat it over lightly with paper towels to remove excess moisture.
Loaded up on the trays and ready for the dehydrator
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